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THE MENTOR – Life Lessons from the Promised Land
The Mentor - Life Lessons from the Promised Land PICTURE
The Mentor is the fictional account of a fifteen year old boy, Abiel, and the months he spends with his father’s uncle, the great General Joshua. Joshua takes advantage of Abiel’s everyday experiences to teach him valuable life lessons about attitude, sin, courage, balance, humility and God’s love for his children. Filled with stories of Joshua’s personal experiences on these topics, Abiel learns what it means to follow hard after God. The Mentor is a novel that incorporates the Biblical truths found in the Book of Joshua, and promises to challenge, entertain and inspire you to live a life fully devoted to God. (Includes Discussion Guide).
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When shocking news suddenly turns Gavin & Samantha Cruise’s perfect life upside down, it sets them on a mysterious search for answers. But when they don’t like what they find, they’re forced to make some difficult decisions and begin to question loyalties, truth and even reality. With suspicious characters and shocking plot twists, Dreamland is a thrilling novel about loyalty, deception, and the very nature of reality.

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