Four Critical Details For Multisite Preaching

The MultiSite Guy, Jim Tomberlin, recently said “The multisite movement began as a radical idea, became the cool idea and now is the mainstream idea.” Indeed, multisite is quickly becoming the new norm for growing churches. And video venues are becoming a well-defined, but often misunderstood strategy in today’s church.

Some attendees might say, “I won’t like a video venue because I want to be in the same room as the preacher.” Point well taken. Sometimes a poor video venue experience can be a turn off. But in a well done video venue, people will get past this potential road block very quickly.

multisite preaching_1I worked in an environment where the video venue experience was done so well that newcomers often wanted to chat with the Preaching Pastor after the service. The Campus Pastor would have to remind the guest that the Preaching Pastor was at a different facility, 15 miles away! The experience was so non-distracting that the newcomer had completely forgotten he was in a video venue. That’s the kind of experience we should shoot for. It takes effort, intentionality, practice, and often money, but it will be well worth it.

When it comes to creating an excellent, distraction free, video venue experience, the old adage is true: “The devil is in the details.” (Unfortunate choice of words, yet still true.) Since it’s the little things that often set poor experiences apart from great ones, here are four critical details that will make all the difference in your video venue experience. Continue reading